RYD Electric

ZooZ Plug-n-Play Upgrade Kit



•Top Speed: 25+ MPH
•Rated/Peak Power: 600w / 1200w
•Expected Range: 25-40 Miles
•Total Weight: 55 lbs
•Load Capacity: 250 lbs
•Seat Height: 30.5"
•Throttle: Yes
•Pedal Assist: Yes
•Motor: 48V Gear Drive
•Battery: 16aH/840Wh
•Cells: 18650 Li-ion
•Charge Time: 4 +/- hrs *completely empty to completely full.
•Frameset: 4130 Chromoly Steel Ultra Urban (Patented)
•Suspension: No
•Tires: Maxxis Hookworm 24 x 2.4"
•Brakes: Hydraulic Disc F/180mm R/160mm
•Class: Class 2
•Set Speed: *All Zooz bikes ship limited to 20 MPH. Maximum speed limit can be adjusted in the display.

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Introducing RYD XT .

25+ MPH


55 LBS





HeadingSoul Touching Acceleration

A higher torque-to-weight ratio means quicker acceleration. This is particularly advantageous in situations such as overtaking or getting up to speed swiftly from a standstill.

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Easy Peasy Hill Climbing

With a better ratio, RYD can tackle inclines more effectively. This is especially important for riders, where you may encounter varying terrain during their journeys.

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Ninja-like Handling

A favourable ratio can enhance handling and maneuverability, making the RYD more responsive and agile. This is particularly important, when you often need to navigate through traffic or tight spaces.

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Longer Range

A well-balanced weight-to-torque ratio contributes to overall efficiency. Ensuring RYD utilizes its power effectively, resulting in better fuel or energy efficiency, which is crucial for ebikes in maximizing range.

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Customize Your RYD

An electric friendship fueled by adventure! We connected with a longtime supporter and filmmaker Ben Moon and his.


750 watt high-torque - Powerful off the start and up-hills with a top-speed of 27 MPH

135 mm narrow body motor - Slim design gives the bike a more streamlined profile

MXUS brand - Long-time supplier of high-performance electric bike motors

100 n-m - Highest torque-to-weight ratio in it's class


BMX style - Custom designed fork shape and material pairs well with the RYD Custom tapered head tube

Cromoly Steel - Material known for it's damping effect and high strength


T6 6061 Aluminum - High-grade Aluminum alloy material

Double Rear Wishbone Design - High strength without the weight

Modern BMX lines - We took a modern approach on the BMX-style and mixed it with motocross for a truly unique experience

Narrow frame design - Can weave in and out of the urban landscape with easy

Handle Bars

Handle Bars - High-Rise BMX style

Cromoly Steel - For improved shocks absorption and strength


RYD Custom Design - Mix of modern moto-cross and old school bananna seat gets you there in comfort and style

Heavy foam cushion - Maximum Comfort


17.5 AH - Provide 30+ miles on throttle

Under seat design - Up and out of the way and protected inside the frame


2.7" Full Color TFT - All your information in accessible one place in a clear sporty design

Automatic Headlights - Integrated sensor to automatically turn on your headlights to keep you safe day or night.

RYD Configuration - Menu items to customize your ride feel. Want easy and calm turn it down. Want wild and sporty turn it up.

USB-C Port - Charge your accessories and phones right from the display.

Adjustable Cruise Control - Who wants to hold the throttle all the time on those long stretches of rode. We revamped the cruise control for even more riding comfort.

Bluetooth enabled Open RYD App coming soon....

Tail Light

RYD Custom design - High brightness, Brake and running light


Oversized Dual Piston - XX mm pistons

160 mm rear rotor - Standard brake pads

180 mm front rotor - Standard brake pads

Brake cut-off switch


Two piece steel spindle crank - 46T front chain ring with one-side safety guard

KMC S1 Chain

Alloy Crank Arms

BMX style Alloy Pedals


Zoom brand

Alloy split design


Dual Grip pattern - Find your comfort with our split pattern design with comfortable silicon rubber

Single Lock Ring - Swap grips with easy with the single lock ring design


24" Dual Walled Aluminium Alloy - Seamless aluminium rims for high strength and durability


Kenda 24" x 2.4" - Sporty not too fat but not too skinny...just right

Wrap around tread - On and off road tread that shreds the street and dirt with ease.

Tear around corners with confidence

Neck Tube

Tapered Design - Increased frame strength and rigidity

Provides a highly stable ride at top speeds

⓵ Reflective Strips

Research your appliances and language capabilities to be sure the voice assistant you choose works with your household’s needs.

⓶ Wireless Lights

Every contact point has been refined to ensure every woman gets the most comfortable ride as possible. A wider saddle, shorter handle bars.

⓷ Hydraulic Brakes

Power CX 7 disc brakes offer consistent power in all conditions and will keep you in control no matter what is happen.

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What happens if what I ordered is out of stock?

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Do I really need to wear a helmet when cycling?

Helmets are extremely important when riding and should always be worn during cycling. They protect your head from any injuries and studies have shown that helmets significantly reduce the risk of head injuries.

Do I really need bike-specific clothing?

Cycling shoes are also a great investment for serious cycling as they provide support and grip on your pedals which is especially great for long distance cycling as it will contribute to keeping up a fast pace .

Do I have to take cycling seriously?

Cycling is for everyone, no matter your fitness level. You can ride at your own pace, at your own distance whether you’re commuting to work or just simply riding to the shops.